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Street lamps GTZ SKU PREMIUM 75W
  • Street lamps GTZ SKU PREMIUM 75W

Street lamps GTZ SKU PREMIUM 75W

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Brand:Собственное производство
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

GTZ UWC - console LED lights of the new generation

GTZ luminaires have the finest buildings in the class of professional lighting, body thickness of only 7 mm. In developing GTZ lamps series was applied innovative technology edgeless outlet «FINFREE» heat - luminaires installed radiators from specially selected composition of heat - conducting materials. This technology allows you to most effectively remove heat from the LEDs and electronic filling fixtures - no analogues of such technology.

The new heat sink technology has allowed to raise the efficiency of lighting devices in general (considering all possible losses) of more than 125 lm / W.

GTZ luminaires designed for mounting on a standard support for street lighting with a diameter of 48 mm, may also be mounted to the wall using brackets with adjustable inclination of the lamp.

Headlamps GTZ DCCH equipped with discrete cantilevered brackets adjustable angle. Optionally, they can be equipped with a cast aluminum cantilever brackets painted in the color of the lamp housing.

To create the required light environment GTZ series of luminaires can be equipped with secondary optics, which allows the user to generate the required light distribution: KSS such as "W", "R2", "G", "K", "L".

default GTZ LED luminaires are equipped with cold white light (5000K), and on demand can be mounted LEDs neutral white (4000K) and warm white (3000 K) luminescence.

Casing is stained with powder paint, the structural elements are made of stainless steel and are resistant to environmental influences.

the lens material in the modification with the QRS "D" - optical polycarbonate.

Intelligent luminaire construction allows replacement of the power source without dismantling lamps.

Lamps have a high degree of protection from the environment - IP67.


  • High efficiency lamps than 125 lm / W
  • Energy savings of more than 3. 5 times as compared with lamps with lamps XRD 125 - 400 W
  • The thin body thickness of only 7 mm
  • Innovative heat dissipation technology
  • Secondary optics, forming the CMP type "W", "G", "K"
  • Replacement power supply without disassembling the lamp
  • Lightweight light installation
  • Momentary switch lamp at low temperatures
  • The diffuser made of a durable transparent polycarbonate of 3 mm thickness
  • Easy installation on standard street lighting poles, d up to 48 mm
  • Installation of the luminaire on the wall using the bracket with adjustable angle
  • It requires no special maintenance
  • It does not require special disposal
  • The degree of protection IP 67
  • Working life of more than 50 000 hours

Used for lighting

  • Roads "A", "B", "B"
  • city streets
  • inter - district roads
  • sidewalks
  • Parks and gardens
  • parking
  • Gas station
  • industrial areas
  • railway platforms
  • storage terminals
  • shops
  • Improvement with ceiling heights over 10 m
Brand:Собственное производство
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 04.10.2019
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